Aloha!  My name is Summer I’m a work at home mommy to 2 little ones, former Kumu for Keiki `O Ka `Aina’s,  Kulia I Ka Nu`u program, a former discussion leader for MomsInHawaii.com, Doula, Midwife Apprentice under supervision, Secretary for Midwives Alliance of Hawai`i and Co-Leader of Hapai Hawai`i a BirthNetwork.

Obviously I am very passionate about helping mommy’s to know their choices, be empowered by their pregnancies and birth.

This passion started after watching the screening of “The Business of Being Born”.  I didn’t realize how hurt I was that my daughter’s birth (and my son’s for that matter) wasn’t how I envisioned it would be.

I knew deep inside me that I wanted and could have had a home birth…I had non complicated pregnancies and after my first baby, I knew for sure that I could have a baby in my own home.  Unfortunately I let others comments and the feelings of not wanting to go against ‘the norm’ rule again and my second birth was worrisome to me.  The feelings of which I suppressed and didn’t even really know I had until I saw the film.

I started to read about anything I could about birth, talked and met with different people in the community and like Ricki Lake says, was amazed at what I didn’t know.

So I decided to start this blog (with the urging of my friend Diane) to help women and families to know the choices and information that is out there in Hawai`i regarding, prenatal care, birthing options and postnatal care that is mother-friendly.

Eventually I hope that all women will come to realize that they do not need to rely on medical professionals to have their babies that women have the power within themselves and that we need to take back that power.  I envision that all women will be able to birth where they choose and feel most comfortable and are covered by insurance.

This blog is in no way a place to find or receive medical treatment, diagnoses or anything of that nature.

This is purely for community references, please consult your physician, OB/GYN or midwife regarding concerns for your care.

If you’d like to contact me about any information on this blog please email me at sumfaria@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re off to a great start, Summer! I’m sure our paths are intertwined–as mothers are able to have empowering births, it’s possible that trauma-related postpartum mood stresses could be reduced. I’m ALL for that!!

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