Placenta Encapsulation

Mahalo to Kavita for sending ‘ohana my way for placenta encapsulation 🙂

Since there has been a surge in interest for this service, I thought I’d better add a page about Placenta Encapsulation to the blog!

I have been providing this service for a couple of years now for clients who I have attended their births but welcome any family who would like me to process their placentas.


Here are a few great articles about the practice:


The process usually takes about 24-48 hours from pick up to completed capsules and delivery to the postpartum mama.

I do the Chinese medicinal process of cleaning and then steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger, then dehydrating, pulverizing and encapsulating.  I’ve also done the raw version, of just cleaning, dehydrating, pulverizing and encapsulating.  Both methods I charge $250 and comes with instructions on dosage and storage.  Please let me know if you’d also like a heart shaped keepsake of the umbilical cord 🙂