The Postpartum Period

The Fourth Trimester by Sarah Ockwell-Smith is wonderful

I love everything she says in it and agree whole heartedly, from the beautiful pictures to the tips for calming techniques.

womb pic


Luckily when I had my son, I decided to stay home with him and there was nothing else I had to worry about except taking care of him.  He was wonderfully calm and still is to this day, same with my daughter, who I stumbled upon Moby Wrap with and became their Hawai`i sales representative for a time. 🙂  My thoughts were that I had my little 2 year old son and was going to need my hands to take care of him but still be able to hold my daughter, thus my dive into babywearing and attachment parenting.

Then came Dr. Sears and The Business of Being Born and the rest of my ‘birthy’ obsessions lol

Enjoy Sarah’s wonderful article, here’s an excerpt:

“Prescriptive ‘do this/don’t do this’ baby calming lists don’t help anybody – because they forget they are dealing with individuals – both parents and babies! Some things on this list will be inappropriate for you and your baby, some simply won’t work, some you won’t like – and that’s OK! because really it isn’t about these tips it’s about you and your baby getting to know each other!”