Religion/Faith & Birth

Last night was a wonderful gathering for Hāpai Hawai`i and one of the amazing women; Nancy Holbrook,  mentioned God & birth.  How it’s sacred.

Birth, I can’t think of a more religious, faithful act

While I was hāpai with my children, I read a book called “Supernatural Childbirth”.  Having being raised a Christian, I wondered why Christians don’t frequently refer back to the fact that since Jesus died for all sins; the pain in childbirth is one of them.

Here are some verses we have in the Hāpai Hawai`i resource guide and if you have any quotes from other religions/faiths PLEASE share:

“All through the Bible God says, “Fear not…” “Don’t be afraid…”  Doesn’t it make sense that when you are at peace, your body will be relaxed; it will stretch more, be more elastic?  On the other hand, fear causes your body, muscles & nerves to tense up, to tighten.  Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you.”  – (John 14:27)  Faith in God’s Word brings peace.”

“I am going to agree with you at whatever level your faith is; wherever you are, I’m with you.  I’ll read the Word to you & believe with you & help you however I can; but since I’m not the one who is going to have the baby, it is going to have to be done with your faith.” – Terry Mize


reverence for our bodies; male and female

reverence for sex and what it was designed to bring; a unity of souls, the bringing forth of a new soul

Unfortunately faith groups perpetuate sex as a ‘forbidden’ or even ‘sinful’ thing to do, rather than teaching from childhood to respect their bodies and reverence for their sexual life.  It’s in our nature to procreate, it was created in us by whatever force you believe in to have these feelings sad how we as a society buy in to the mass marketing of sex, rather than perpetuating it’s sacredness.


Referrals – 
Rabbi Batya Friedland,, 808.722.3176
offering Brit Shalom, baby naming ceremony, funeral & memorial services
I am also an ordained Buddhist Chaplain, and therefore also welcoming of interfaith ceremonies.

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