Wombecology: The Mid-Pacific Conference 2012

UPDATE: 6/19/12

Accommodations – Please visit: http://www.midpacificonference.com/index.php?st=accommodation#up for options regarding accommodations, there are several to choose from including the Waikiki Banyan perfect for attendees bringing a family/children.

There are many in the birthing community who are planning this wonderful conference.

Per Heloisa, it will be affordable so all can attend.  There will be practitioners and experts from around the globe and from different perspectives gathering to get people talking about the future of birth and primal health.

Mark your calendars for October 26-28 2012, you absolutely don’t want to miss this conference.

Visit: http://www.wombecology.com/ for more information and to register for the conference.  From the site, you are also able to book hotel room accommodations and other activities while on O`ahu.

25 thoughts on “Wombecology: The Mid-Pacific Conference 2012

  1. I am an osteopath centered on working with babies and their families in Berlin, Germany. I would love to participate at this conference in Hawaii. If there is anything I can contribute – let me know, and if not, please keep me informed.
    Greetings from Germany – Friederike Kaiser

    1. Aloha Merewyn,

      Yes the dates are correct, it will be held Friday, Saturday and closing on Sunday

      Please feel free to email me with any other concerns: sumfaria@gmail.com

      Look forward to seeing you at the conference!


  2. Hi, I am organising the family adventure to attend the conference for my wife (Midwife/Calmbirth Educator) & daughter (Student RN – considering RM studies) to attend this valued conference. Can you please advise me the name & location of conference venue so that I can get accom nearby.
    Cheers Shaun (Proud husband & dad to skillful women) c/- Aust.

    1. Aloha Sophie! Yes, you are still able to register on http://www.wombecology.com for the lower rate until December 30, 2011. For accommodations please visit the site and click on the 2012 Mid-Pacific Conference registration link and then click on “Accommodations”. Please let me know if you need further assistance, Mahalo

  3. Hello, I have been trying to register on-line but your payment system is down at the moment, this has been the case for a week now. When will I be able to complete the registration – payment process.

    1. Aloha Shaun! I’m sorry to hear about the payment link, I’ve messaged the secretary and she’ll get the web site manager to fix it and I’ll be sure to update you ASAP once I hear when it should be fixed.
      Mahalo a me malama pono,

  4. Just wanting to confirm my successful Registration to Conference Registration no 2904.
    I haven’t received any official confirmation paperwork, apart from this Rego No.
    Can you please advise, Cheers, Denise Smith.
    NOTE new email address.

      1. Dear Summer- can you please follow up on my email sent 31st December re no Paperwork other than my Registration No 2094, so as to be able to attend? Also can I be emailed a flyer about the Conference, so as to give to my Nurse Manager in order for me to attend?
        Many thanks, Denise Smith

      2. Aloha Denise, I sent you a reply via email
        I’ll also update the info here on my blog


  5. I need to make arrangements for my accomodations during the Mid-Pacific Conference in Hawaii Oct 26-28. I have already registered, but need help to make these arrangements.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Aloha Luoisa,

      Have you visited http://www.wombecology.com yet? You will find all the information you need. Also if you have Facebook there is an event page and Michel Odent makes updates about the conference on his page as well.
      Please let me know if you need any assistance or have questions.

  6. Hello,Just wondering how many people this conference will be registering. How soon do I need to book a hotel room???
    At this stage, It seems too early to do much planning but would like to know how urgently I need to get going with it.

    1. Aloha Meralyn,

      We are expecting 1,000 registrants, right now we have about 400 but only a few have booked hotel rooms. The discounted rates for participants will continue until the conference in October but try to choose which one you would like ahead of time, as there are a few choices and if you don’t get your first choice that works for you it would be good to have an alternative.
      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  7. I had registered online on the 5th June 201. My conference reference no is 2901. I have not received a confirmation from you. Could you sent it via my email please. thank You.

    1. Aloha Agnes,
      There is no other form of confirmation other than your receipt of payment for the conference.
      Please let me know if you have any other concerns


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