Birthing Place Options

My main mission in life after having my two children, is to empower women and families to think for themselves and follow their intuition, especially in regards to their bodies, pregnancy and birthing.

During both of my pregnancies, there came a time when I thought to myself, “why am I going to go to the hospital? I’m not sick.  My body and my baby know how to birth.”

Unfortunately, calls to my insurance company and my partners aversion to anything other than a hospital birth after the birth of his 4 older children, I didn’t find or look further into the option of birthing at home.

Thus the creation of this blog and the reason for everything I do surrounding pregnancy and birth, so that no woman or family can say that, “they didn’t know”.  I want the information to be talked about like hospital birth is talked about, hear people say, “why would you birth in a hospital?” rather than the other way around.

So here are some options for birthing outside a hospital setting if your pregnancy is non-eventful and you along with your care provider have an open and loving communication around your pregnancy and birth:


Home Birth Midwives



Medra Lopez has been a home birth midwife for decades and is one of the most well respected and illusive.  After having gone through the years when midwifery was illegal in Hawai`i, Medra has been available only through word of mouth.  If you are one of those special women who have a connection that finds Medra to be your midwife, blessings to you!

Sacred Healing Arts; Dr. Lori Kimata ND and Dr. Madeleine Portuondo ND – O`ahu

are the home birth midwives on O`ahu who have welcomed hundreds of babies with their years of experience.

Their practice offers a holistic approach to health from well woman care to family care, offering everything from acupuncture to pediatrics.

Call or visit Sacred Healing Arts at:

Ph: 808-783-0361

Sacred Healing Arts
1188 Bishop St # 1509 
Honolulu, HI 96813

North Shore
Sacred Healing Arts
62-203 Lokoea Place 
Haleiwa, HI 96712

Hale Kealaula-Selena Green, CPM – O`ahu

2012 has been an amazing year in Hawai`i for pregnant mamas and babies, the best is yet to come.

A few months ago, Certified Professional Midwife Selena Green from the San Francisco bay area, opened a birthing home in Makaha called, “Hale Kealaula”  After a Hawaiian family flew to SF to be able to birth in Selena’s birthing  center, “Sacred Birth Place” they asked that she please bring her work to O`ahu and make available the option for women to birth with her at home or in a home like setting where there currently is no option to do so.

We are so blessed to have her knowledge and spirit with us on O`ahu and the first baby was born at Hale Kealaula earlier in October.

Not only is she giving mothers and families an option now but Selena is training 5 local apprentices who are enrolling in the National College of Midwifery to become Certified Professional Midwives to serve the people of Hawai`i for years to come.

Call Hale Kealaula/Selena Green at: 415-505-4906 or email at:



The Maui Birth Source website, has a wonderful listing for Midwives, Doulas and many other professionals for the island of Maui.  Check them out at:


Moku o Keawe (Hawai`i island):

The Midwives Alliance of Hawai`i is based off of Hawai`i island and their website offers listings for local midwives as well:

Be sure to ask around and interview many midwives so you feel comfortable with the care provider you choose.  There are many midwives that may not be listed under these pages and choose to let their mothers find them…the art of midwifery continues in various ways to offer a Midwife for Every Mother.


Hua Moon Women’s Health – Kaua`i:

Sharon Offley, CNM
Chloe Raum, CPM
Colleen Bass, CNM, WHNP

41558 Kuhio Hwy

Kapaa, HI

Phone: (808) 639-9722



Other Resources:

Midwives Alliance of Hawaii:

Contact MAH at:

Phone: 808-776-1618


2 thoughts on “Birthing Place Options

  1. Hello my name is sharneyia, I recently learned that I am expecting and I am currently in the middle of a pcs from Virginia to hawaii with my husband. This will be our first child, and I am a looking to have a home water birth. I am a RN and hope to someday become a CNM myself.

    I am curious if you are familiar with tricare and if you know how covering care with you through them would work? Also, if possible can you send me your pricing.

    I am currently only about 4 weeks and will arrive in hawaii July 8th. I do not yet have a home but that should not take too long. We have an ultrasound appointment for July 6 at Walter Reed in Bethesda, to make sure all is well before getting on the plane.

    I appreciate any information you can give me.

    Thank you,

    Sharneyia Hinton

    1. Aloha Sharneyia, sorry for the late response. I gave birth to my daughter at home on June 4th and it has been a whirlwind ever since! What prices were you looking for? Doula care, midwifery…? As far as Tricare goes, you could be reimbursed/partially reimbursed if you are in the care of a Naturopath Physician named; Lori Kimata. Otherwise, the costs would be out of pocket and are usually about $3,000-$4,000 for prenatal care (all visits), birth and up to 6 weeks postpartum which is actually an amazing deal. Please give me a call or email if you have any further questions! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing from you again. ~Summer 808-387-1098,

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