Midwifery Care Friendly OB’s

Tonight there was a talk with home birth midwife Dr. Madeleine Portuondo and Kaiser Hospital midwife Reagan Turner Bell.

One of the main questions I hear from expecting moms is which OB’s on Oahu are ‘sympathetic’ to the women wanting natural birth?  Won’t force interventions and are just more open to the midwifery model of care?

Here are a few names that came up:

Dr. Eesha Bhattacharyya – 808-230-8500

Dr. Heather Awaya – 808-263-7383

Dr. Susan Vicenti – 808-261-3000

Dr. Cheryl Leialoha – 808-947-5606

Dr. Charles Arakaki – 808-769-7695

Dr. Jenny Lum – 808-432-3100

Those of you who want the option of having a midwife covered by your insurance company, write them and tell them that you will switch to another provider or pay out of pocket for the care you want.

Change can only happen when we speak up and do something to get it.

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