Babywearing is slowly making it’s way into the thoughts and lives of people in Hawai`i, thanks to the many transplants we get here bringing their many different carriers.

Just like there are many different types of personalities, there are different carriers and I believe there is one for every occasion, situation and person.

Some are made to use for longer periods of time, while others are best used just for a quick pop into the store or dropping off a library book or borrowed video.

Here is a link from the Dr. Sears website:  Babywearing is part of a parenting style called ‘Attachment Parenting’

There is a store on O`ahu that is dedicated to babywearers needs called, “baby aWEARness”:

Here is the site to a babywearers group called, ‘Carry the Children’, they have all types of carriers to borrow and try before you buy:

“The” is an excellent place to find out all you want to know about the different carriers available:


From the Dr. Sears website:

Attachment studies have spoiled the spoiling theory. Researchers Dr.’s Bell and Ainsworth studied two sets of parents and their children. Group A were attachment-parented babies. These babies were securely attached, the products of responsive parenting. Group B babies were parented in a more restrained way, with a set schedule and given a less intuitive and nurturing response to their cues. All these babies were tracked for at least one year. Which group do you think eventually turned out to be the most independent? Group A, the securely attached babies. Researchers who have studied the affects of parenting styles on children’s later outcome have concluded, to put it simply, that the spoiling theory is utter nonsense. Pick them up quickly and they’ll get down quickly. A child must go through a stage of healthy dependence in order to later become securely independent.

Spoiling does become an issue a few years from now, when overindulgence signals a parent’s inability to set limits and boundaries. This happens most often in children who are materially bonded or whose parents are still trapped in dysfunctional patterns from their own childhood. (For more attachment research click on 4 Ways AP can Reduce the Risk of SIDS)

From ‘Clinical Benefits of the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier’ brochure:

“A baby’s stress hormone, blood pressure, oxygenation, temperature and heart rate stabilize with skin-to-skin.  These findings are changing hospital practices for the better-babies are more likely to be left on their mothers in order to assist in vital sign stabilization.  Skin-to-skin is also useful before and after invasive procedures such as drawing blood.”

Increasing Breastfeeding success; “Mother’s who practice skin-to-skin with their infants breastfeed longer and more frequently.  Babies have better weight gain and earlier discharge from the hospital.  Mother’s also report greater confidence in caring for their infants.”-Lawrence, Ruth and Robert Lawrence, Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, 1999

When mothers are close to their infants, they provide wonderful immunities for their infants.  The magical properites of breast milk, rich in antibodies, include the ability of the mother to protect her baby from pathogens absorbed by both.  This phenomenon is only possible when mother and baby are breathing the same pathogens, which is why many hospitals are reforming their policies to keep mother and baby together as long as possible.


Improved mobility; parents who use wheelchairs, canes, or other devices can use their hands to move while safely holding their baby.

Promotes bonding; parents who have had a difficult time bonding with their baby-due to depression, injury, accepting a child with disabilities, etc.-can wear their baby and know baby is getting the physical stimulus needed for healthy development.

Better ergonomics: weight is spread evenly over the entire back, so parents with back problems can wear their baby for hours without pain.-“Clinical Benefits of the Moby Wrap brochure”

Great things about Babywearing; from

Babies cry less.

Good for baby’s mental development.

Good for baby’s emotional development.

Good for baby’s physical development.

Good for babies whose mums are depressed.

It’s great for other people who look after your baby:

Partners who work away from home, relatives and babysitters all have a ready way of connecting with and soothing your baby when they wear him too!


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