Pitocin and Postpartum Depression


Source: http://alert.psychnews.org/2017/01/exposure-to-synthetic-oxytocin-may.html?m=1


A study by Depression and Anxiety gives us something to explore regarding the routine use of pitocin given immediately afterm childbirth in the hospitals and it’s link to increase incidents of postpartum depression.

When we disconnect ourselves from the physiological process of birth, and try to replace hormones with synthetic ones, or just use them for different indications, we are disrupting a process programmed within us from the beginning of time.

Oxytocin, the hormone involved with many wonderful processes such as orgasm, birth, breastfeeding, touching etc is especially interrupted when the natural process of labor, birth, birth of the placenta and breastfeeding are interrupted by the use of pitocin.

Read the article here


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