Hormones in Labor

Childbirth Connection was one of the first sites I visited after watching the documentary, “The Business of Being Born” nearly a decade ago.

Great information and references! 🙂

Natural Abundance - Health & Birthing

Hormones in Labor | www.naturalabundance.me

Childbirth Connection is a fantastic resource for finding the latest research in the labor and birth world. One of my favorite resources from their site is a booklet they have put together for expectant parents showing ways they can support the hormones that are leading their bodies through labor. The booklet is based on information from a report that came out this year entitled: Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care. This report was put together by Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, a well-respected leader in the area of hormones and their roles in childbearing.

Childbirth Connection’s booklet is called Pathway to a Healthy Birth: How to Help Your Hormones Do Their Wonderful Work. It takes Dr. Buckley’s report and makes it easily understandable for parents, providing action steps a pregnant mom can take to support her own labor, birth and breastfeeding experience.

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