It’s been a while…

1610112_10203040033027422_94681264_n (1)

Needless to say, after the proposed Home Birth regulation bill there were many factors that came to light and preparations that needed to happen.

Fortunately the bill became a simple task force of those in the hospitals, doctors and others such as EMS and any other stake holders to meet and come up with strategies that would make collaboration and transfers of home birth clients smooth and without tension.

The Midwives Alliance of Hawai`i put together a panel of all of the stake holders and came up with some tasks to make communication between each more sufficient.  Another work group was formed to start preparing for a consumer based bill to be introduced to the legislation in a future session.

Meanwhile, the number of Midwives practicing in Hawai`i has grown and there are apprentices and newly certified Midwives returning to the islands.

There are many things to consider and prepare for the future in regards to Midwifery in Hawai`i and the only way it will remain untouched by those who don’t understand or appreciate it, is for everyone to be prepared for the next push by those that are looking to limit choices for Hawai`i’s families.


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