Sen. Josh Green Proposes Bill for Midwifery

We’ve had a great run in Hawai`i not having Midwifery ‘regulated’ by any government.  With the demand for home births and families realizing there is a more loving way to bring babies into the world than in the hospital, government is now looking into having licensing or certification for Midwives in Hawai`i.


Personally, I don’t think this is a bad thing, I believe it was only a matter of time and our perspective and reaction to this will determine whether it will have a positive or negative effect on pregnant women’s right to choose, with whom, where and how they give birth to their babies.


Stay tuned to Hapai Hawai`i for up to date information about the bill.


4 thoughts on “Sen. Josh Green Proposes Bill for Midwifery

  1. Is there a way to see the proposed legislation? How can I help with the process, or at least stay informed? Is there an email group I could be apart of? Thank you so much for all you do for the birthing community!!!

  2. We need access to the bill! Senator’s office keep saying it will be available for public view this week!!!! Actually they told me 1/10/14 first.

    1. Aloha Mieko! SB2070 is one of the bills already introduced. Another is expected by the end of the week about Home Birth…stay posted on FB too. There are many organized efforts ♥ Mahalo for keeping up to date!

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