Claudia Brown & Home Birth Kaua`i

One of a kind…

the words that I will always remember from Claudia, is the phrase, “I’m a fucking cowgirl” and as I got to know her, not only was she the most awesome cowgirl I’ve met but one of the most giving and beautiful midwives I know.


The first time I got to meet her, we visited Home Birth Kaua`i for the annual Midwives Alliance of Hawai`i conference.  She had opened up her home to anyone that needed to stay and even let a friend and I, plus my two children, sleep in her bed.  Yup, she was that amazing.

She had worked at a hospital on Kaua`i for many years and then opened up the home for women to have a choice in where and how they birthed.  She didn’t care how people were going to pay, where they came from and she invited midwives in training to be there as well.
Sometimes when people tell you, “my house is open, you can use whatever you need, there’s food in the fridge, anytime…” you don’t really take them seriously.  But with Claudia, I knew that she was just THAT giving and amazing, that she meant every word.


The shock of hearing her passing was immense but knowing that she is now assisting all of us from where she is, gives me comfort.  The celebration for her life will be coming up shortly and I really hope to attend, to meet all the women she empowered, see the babies she assisted out into this world and her friends and loved ones.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing this amazing, beautiful Midwife, here she is:


Have you hugged your Midwife today?

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