Footling Breech Home Birth

So many things…

to think about after that birth. 

Baby had been confirmed head down 2 days prior to labor. Mom and baby are now at home, working on their breastfeeding relationship and our birth team is tighter and wiser than before.

After every birth, I have thoughts of the “what-if’s”

Of course, there’s no’ use in them, as what has happened is done but we play scenarios over and over in our minds to think of other outcomes should the actions had been different.  In this case, I see little to none that could’ve been done for a healthier, happier mom and baby.

This experience definitely drove the inevitable truth about birth work, which is actually mentioned in the book, “Holistic Midwifery Volume I by Anne Frye” in MANA statement of values and ethics.  The excerpt from the IV. The Art of Midwifery section, “G. We value the acceptance of death as a possible outcome of birth.  We value our focus as supporting life rather than avoiding death.”  Not to say that we won’t do what is necessary to save lives, quite the opposite.  However when a woman decides that a baby she is carrying, which has a life threatening disease/illness, or is not fully developed and decides to still carry to term to birth her baby, we honor and support that decision.

Things happen in life, that we will never understand and things in birth are no different.

We have to always remember that we are never in control.  Ever.


2 thoughts on “Footling Breech Home Birth

  1. “Baby had been confirmed head down 2 days prior to labor, so there was no reason to think otherwise.”
    Well, I truly don’t want to be critical, except just for this statement . . . the position could (almost) always be different than it was two days ago . . .
    This is not the first time in the history of midwifery and childbirth that this has happened, and not always with such a good outcome!

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