Choices in Childbirth News: Online Provider Network 2013/2014

This is an AMAZING resource and was one of the first I found after seeing the documentary, “The Business of Being Born” that is really getting the word out to the public about what is really going on in our maternity care system.

Choicesinchildbirth's Blog

Choices in Childbirth News:
Online Mother-Friendly Provider Network 2013/2014
Hello Mother-Friendly Providers!
I hope your summer is off to a warm and cheerful start.  It’s already nearing the end of June, and you may have checked your calendar, noticed that it’s provider network renewal time, and wondered, “Hey, where’s my reminder email?”
I’d like to take this opportunity to let you all know what’s going on at Choices in Childbirth.  We’re going through a bit of a transition phase around here and have decided to shift our focus away from the Online Provider Network and social media marketing for the time being.  We’re looking toward the future with plans to expand our reach, improve upon the printed guide and look at new ways to distribute the wonderful information it contains, and adjust our programming to reflect the changing needs of our community.
We recently published more…

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