Cesarean Mama in the Birth Goddess Club

Cesarean Mama in the Birth Goddess Club

Days like yesterday are the counter for the negative aspects of this story.  
Students we spoke with at UH wrote 4 amazing pages of little notes thanking us for coming…that brought what ever single person striving for betterment of births, home.  Most spoke of options, how they’re glad we shared, that they learned so much.
Then nursing students visited Hale Kealaula and after speaking with Selena, supported their friend who is hapai, rather than siding with fear and doubting her decisions.
Mother’s from all stages, gathered yesterday at the birth home with their partners and families, sharing experiences, encouraging one another, validating that inner voice that’s been telling them they have everything they need to grow and birth their babies.  

Doctors know about what to do when the wrong things happen but rarely know how to treat a woman when things are normal.  

What’s normal for you?  Midwifery discovers with you what that is, empowers you to explore it, know it and be it for your birth.

It’s YOURS and your babies, please don’t try to give it away…


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