First Home Birth Experience

Hard to describe how I feel after being with a mama who birthed at home, in a tub filled with warm water after having a cesarean and 3 other hospital births.
Then having seen only hospital births thus far, I can say that birth is birth, it unfolds differently each and every time. The difference, is that there was no one telling someone what they needed to do, how they need to lay and stay still, no yelling of how or when to push, no cold a/c room, machines beeping loudly and annoyingly to distract from the mom and baby.
No, this birth was peaceful and filled with love as daddy encouraged his wife and mother of his children and caught his newest pride and joy…
Makes me even more passionate and determined to guide women to find their strength and desires for their births.
As I cry and pray that women will realize this amazing power they have is what they are giving up when they buy into the fear and degradation of medicalized, profit driven births.
I know one day, the world will no longer need activists for love, truth and empowerment for women and families.

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