The Cervical Check and Labor Progress

The Cervical Check and Labor Progress



Thank you SO much MamaMuse for this wonderful article on cervical checks CLICK HERE

Michel Odent is the only man on the planet that I wish had been my real father 😉  He has long said that observation of any kind, even one behind a glass that a birthing woman cannot see, effects labor, simply by the action itself.

This article touches on that idea and other really great points about why cervical checks do little to nothing to determine the progress of a woman in labor.

It’s your body

It’s your baby

You know and feel, where you are in your labor.  Those who are with you will know where you are in your labor, just by feeling and seeing your body language in labor.  Trust your inner knowledge, it is something that will guide you well in your journey through parenthood, it would be wise to listen to it from before conception but even more so while your baby is talking to you while in the womb and is being born.


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