Sunday morning thoughts…

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After attending a bit of a conference about OB/Gyn and the law, this article infuses more questions in my mind about our health care system.  It’s a vicious cycle when I think about this…patients think there’s a cure all for everything, someone has to be responsible, doctors act more from fear of litigation than being able to make decisions based on observance and knowledge, nurses and doctors work together but aren’t as ‘in sync’ with each other (both have organizations but do they get together and talk through scenarios and brainstorm?) and if things go wrong, we think that suing for hundreds of millions of dollars will make it better.
It’s easy for me to say that putting a price tag on someone’s morbidity is questionable, having not been in the situation myself.  After the events of the passed few days and reading this article, can’t help but to still feel that way.
What is the real cost to spend all of that money on treatments and not looking at the source, or to have an insanely high settlement or to go through the court system to essentially vilify someone for something that may have been out of their control?  A reduction in morale of our society, growth of fear and degrading?
The words trust, relationship, responsibility, acceptance and support come to mind when I think of how we could possible turn things around.


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