Is the way we birth causing breastfeeding failure?

Is the way we birth causing breastfeeding failure?.

Have to share this great post about the correlation between the birth process and it’s effect on breastfeeding.

Wonderful points brought up by Jenny and another that comes to mind when reading about interventions, is why, when we spend our entire pregnancy avoiding and being told to avoid drugs of any kind to protect ourselves and especially the baby from harm, is it all of a sudden OK to throw caution to the wind with drugs during labor?!

During the most sacred time of all, the baby’s initiation into this world and mom’s transformation to a most important care giver, it seems more logical to realize the potential harmful effects of unnecessary interventions and let motherbaby be.


One thought on “Is the way we birth causing breastfeeding failure?

  1. The more we trust Mother Nature, the better. Womens’ bodies are made to give birth to babies and although extreme medical interventions when absolutely necessary do save lives, it’s important to avoid anything that is unnecessary. It’s the same for circumcising baby boys….. if Mother Nature wanted baby boys to be born without a foreskin, that is how it would be. Instead people interfere with nature and cut the genitals of newborns which alters their sexual anatomy forever.

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