Programs for the 2012 Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth & Primal Health Research

When people ask to explain about this conference, it’s hard to do so…it is mainly a gathering of different professionals from all over the globe, sharing about the period of prenatal life and the year after, what we know now through research and asking questions about how we can make things better.

There will be so much information to share and choose from, it will be hard to decide but one thing is for sure, if you or someone you know is interested in, works or is looking to learn more about anything surrounding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, Autism, premature birth, pitocin side effects, effects of the environment on birth and global practices, than please register by December 30th for the discounted rate and SHARE with everyone you know.

Below are just a few of the programs that will take place:

Group B (from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm)
– B1 – The priorities of “Improving Maternal and Perinatal Health WHO
team” (with Mario Merialdi).
– B2 – Birth across Cultures: An Evolutionary Perspective (with Robbie
– B3 – Unusual routes towards midwifery and obstetrics (with Ina May
Gaskin and Michel Odent)
– B4 –  “Skin-to-Skin Contact for Term and Preterm Infants:  The
Natural Habitat for Transitioning to Extrauterine Life.” (with Susie
Ludington. USA)
– B5 – Advances in medical genetics and fetal medicine (with Sylvie
Odent, from France, as Professor of medical genetics)
– B6 – “Ancestral Birth Traditions in the Pacific Islands” (with Nora
Oppenheimer, from Hapai Hawai’i)
– B7 – What happened since Las Palmas, with Pr Garcia Hernandez (Las
Palmas), Marcos Dias (Brazil), Marcos Leite, (Brazil), and Jaqui
Zieler (Argentina).
– B8 – The effects of disasters on childbirth (with Dr Hiromi Inoue. Tokyo)

2 thoughts on “Programs for the 2012 Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth & Primal Health Research

  1. Hola, soy Partera en Argentina y estuve en diciembre en las conferencias del Dr. Odent y Liliana lammers en Buenos Aires, formación como doula, me gustaría saber cuál es el costo para participar en esta maravillosa conferencia y si hay algún tipo de descuento para América del Sur, también si hay algún programa para alojarse en hostels o paradores económicos. desde ya muchas gracias.y Feliz Año Nuevo.

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