Empowered Birth Awareness Week

This is very exciting…

More awareness and more sharing of information to empower families to have their best birth

Visit the FB page and here’s more information:

Empowered Birth Awareness Week is a global, shared, event which belongs to everyone who participates in it.

The purpose of the event is to grow our paradigm of empowered birth by FLOODING the public yearly with our vision,
our definitions,
images ,
stories and

in short, to share our reality of what it means to have an, empowered birth.

PLEASE join us by using your networks to share and promote this event!

Together WE (all birthworkers) can have the marketing ability of a large corporation. Together WE will drive the common awareness to seek information about empowered birth.

Take the date. Make it your own. Innovate around it!
(Some ideas) Blog, Press releases, Newsletters, Signs, youtube videos..

With all of us powerful woman united under this one idea, there is no stopping us from INSTANTLY affecting our world and making Empowered Birth Awareness VIRAL.


For more information, please go here:


Barbara Rivera, Birthpower

PS You may freely use the artwork to promote this event!

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