Hospital Banning Elective Cesareans and Inductions

Not enough words to express how great this is! 🙂  Of course they will still schedule cesareans and inductions for those who have complications but it being taken off the table as an option is wonderful.



CLICK HERE for the entire article



There are comments about it taking a ‘choice’ away from mothers, I honestly feel that it should never have been offered in the first place.  Luckily the March of Dimes research and others are proving that scheduling cesareans is not healthy for mothers and especially babies, with most being born premature.



Here’s an excerpt: “The brain is much larger at 39 weeks than at 36 weeks, the lungs, the gastric system, all of those things are maturing right before a baby would be due to be born.”   EDD’s (estimated due dates)  are just that, estimates.  Labor and birth can actually be 2 weeks before or after that date, leaving some babies who were scheduled cesareans to be born prematurely.



The only way to positively know baby is fully mature is when their bodies release a chemical, signaling to mother’s body that his lungs are developed, starting the contractions for labor.



Our bodies are made to birth our babies and we have an orchestrated chemical and hormonal balance that happens to help bring our babies into the world.  It’s about time we stop trying to interfere with it.

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