2012 Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research

Planning has begun, such an exciting time. Not only for the birthing community but Hawai`i has a whole.

It’s going to take the coming together of so many different aspects of health and this is just the conference to do it.

Register now to get a low registration price, it will increase in increments until the month before the conference, hope to see a lot of people there!



One thought on “2012 Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research

  1. When looking at all the aspects of Birthing, I encourage you to truly look at the aspect of nutrition related to healthy babies/healthy people. I has become so very apparent that nutrition is lacking in the diets of the western civilization and synthetic supplements are not working. Most women don’t/won’t take their prenatal supplements for various reasons. Therefore there is an increase in children being born with all forms of maladies and undiagnosed issues.
    Please take a look at the documentation on Moringa Oleifera which has recently been introduced to the Western civilization and is staving off malnutrition in the 3rd world countries. It is now being utilized by many OB doctors here in the USA, and having marvelous results with the babies as well as the mothers.

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