From Michel Odent on Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research

Register urgently, before February 28, 2011, to take advantage of the $99 Early Birds fare. Go to

A preliminary program has been drafted, but it would be premature to publish it.

However, we can already mention the practical importance of recent scientific advances that will make the Mid-Pacific conference different from the Mid-Atlantic one. For example, we’ll hear about what all obstetricians, midwives and other health professionals need to know about emerging topics such as epigenetics and mirror neurons system.

Although the official call for posters is scheduled July 15, 2011, all participants can already consider how they would like to introduce avant-garde topics, express creative ‘lateral thinking’, and network via this popular medium.

We cannot yet give a list of the impressive diversity of topics – most of them eminently practical  – to be discussed during the 27 workshops. Let us just mention that the workshop which attracted the greatest number of participants in Las Palmas (“transcendent emotional states in childbirth”) will reappear in the Honolulu program.

Of course the “silent knitting” session will be the historical symbol of the paradigm shift we are dreaming of after thousands of years of socialisation of childbirth, at a time when modern physiology is teaching us that one cannot positively help involuntary processes such as the birth process, but that some situations can inhibit them (neocortical activity and adrenaline release). Participants will be in an ideal situation to realise that avoiding the use of language is a way to reduce neocortical activity, and that a repetitive task like knitting is a way to reduce the level of stress hormones: a crucial step towards the rediscovery of authentic midwifery.


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