Tantric Birth

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Nekole Shapiro speak about Oxytocin and her work with Tantric Birth. The link between sexuality and birth is not a well known subject in our society but so very vital for everyone to know. One theme I came out with that I’ve heard before but with an addition, “How you handle life is how you will handle birth, how you handle/view sex is how you will handle/view birth”

Do yourself and your family a favor and check out Tantric Birth:


2 thoughts on “Tantric Birth

  1. i love Tantric birth’ while watching Nekole on youtube & knowing about Tantric yoga & doing Yoga prenatal Yoga & meditation for years now. She is wonderful communicator about deep women’s awareness, needs & abilities for self-help learning before & during birth. Love to learn more about TB. I also love Michel Odent’s deep liberating work for mothers feeling her hormonal orgasms during birth & nursing. I met him in Hawaii in ’92 co-organizing his ‘Primal Birth & Bonding” presentations there to midwives & home-birthing families. I love spiritual Birth & ‘Total Love Bonding’ moms & babies together n bliss. naturallyours micheal

    1. Aloha Michael! Mahalo for your comment, I absolutely agree 🙂 and am so excited to hear you worked with Michel in 02′!
      I love Nekole, she and her mom are friends of mine and are two of the most awesome people I know 🙂
      Hopefully we’ll get to meet at the Mid-Pacific Birth and Primal Health Research Conference next October.
      Mahalo again,

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