Don’t Go On Here if You’d Like to Stay Happy Today

Ina May Gaskin and an MD are sharing references regarding the rise of maternal death rates in the U.S
Unfortunately the MD has been attacking Ina May and has a few minions backing her up.
My comment: “Oh Amy Tutuer, you represent everything that is wrong with maternity care in the U.S.
You can site as many references that you want that you think supports your professions ideals but it will never be factual for the best case of women and children.
Being a mother and a discussion leader of mommy sites, there is no doubt that the practices that OB’s are applying to women and children are doing nothing but harm. The increased rates of augmentations, cesareans, lack of continuous care during labor and birth, instead being monitored by machines which haven’t been proven to increase safe outcomes, use of pitocin and other pharmaceuticals are NOT benefiting mothers in any way. The truth will always prevail over the opinions of a specialty occupation.”

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