Meth research article-Must Read

What Does Meth Research Have to Do With Addiction and Autism Treatments? (It’s Oxytocin.)

Scientific research is bringing about solid evidence of the effects of interventions at birth…without even realizing it.

Some excerpts I found profound:

“…increasing oxytocin may reduce desire for meth. McGregor found that giving rats oxytocin made them lose interest in taking methamphetamine.”

“The findings on oxytocin may well lead to some new treatments for autism, McGregor suggests, given that autistic people have difficulty making the oxytocin-driven connection between people and pleasure. The drug baclofen, which is, in various forms, being tested for the treatment of alcoholism, other addictions and autism, has in fact been shown to affect oxytocin. “We published a paper last year showing that baclofen strongly activated oxytocin in the rat brain,” says McGregor. And oxytocin itself is also being studied as a treatment for autism.”


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