Recap Michel Odent event

Only wonderful things to say about the outcome of the event on Saturday

Michel and Heloisa were very impressed by what we pulled off in a few weeks time and cannot wait to see what we can do in 2 years!

Here are some photos, we had a videographer there so if you’d like to obtain a copy stay tuned

Michel among other things mentioned how we must trust science to reveal what he and other researchers have been saying for years.  Regarding babies immediately after birth, they found that babies could find their way to the breast, which raises the question, “Should we be seperating mothers and babies immediately after birth to ‘clean’ them etc, when it could inhibit nursing?”

There was a great diverse audience and a few who had a slight qualm about his comments about men and how they should not be near the woman giving birth.  Heloisa stepped in to offer that he’s not saying they shouldn’t be there at all but mainly for the time of pushing baby out, when she needs to feel absolutely uninhibited.  Michel ended the slight ‘dispute’ saying that those who thought men can channel themselves to be one in the moment with their partner during birth are talking about a tree in the forest, while he is focusing on the forest…

I had to get a picture with him!  Now I just need to meet Ina May Gaskin in 2012 and I can die a happy mama 😉


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