Labor Doula training on Maui

DONA International Birth Doula Workshop


Maui, Hawaii


DONA Birth Doula workshop in beautiful Maui, Hawaii

A three day retreat where you will learn to support the amazing and transformative process of childbirth



April 20th, 21st, & 22nd, 2009

A three day workshop will consist of two steps towards becoming a DONA certified Birth Doula; both the DONA approved workshop, and the childbirth preparation for birth doulas will be included.



Participants will learn the doula’s role in providing emotional and physical comfort measures for the birthing family. You will also gain knowledge of:


·         Proven hands-on techniques for support, from relaxation to back labor

·         Emotional aspects of pregnancy and childbirth as well as support techniques

·         Working with special circumstances

·         Communication strategies

·         Doula’s code of ethics and standards of practice

·         The process of becoming a DONA certified Birth Doula


Materials: Included in the workshop are the DONA International manual for birth doulas, as well as the DONA International Position Paper (step one in your required reading) and various resource materials.

Food and accommodations are part of the package; April 19th through the 23rd.  Additional nights stay can be arranged through check out on April 25th.


Jessica Atkins: Certified Birth Doula (DONA), Birth Doula Trainer (DONA), Certified Childbirth Educator (ICEA), Teen Educator (CAPPA) Breastfeeding Specialist, with 19 years of experience educating and supporting families

Registration is Required: Please contact Jessica during central time hours between 9:00am to 8:00pm at 512-842-1280 or  or for more information and to register electronically see the website 

To learn more about the process of becoming a DONA certified doula see the website:


2 thoughts on “Labor Doula training on Maui

  1. Aloha, my name is Heidi and I am very interested in becoming a Doula! I’d love to reserve a spot! I did not see a cost and praying I can afford it!

    1. Aloha e Heidi, unfortunately this training was back in 2009. However I’m sure there are trainings coming up that you could attend. Please send me your email so we can keep in touch and I can forward on any information I find l.

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