Sorry…haven’t been updating!

Since our `ohana has grown to 6 keiki…my time has been trickled down a bit…of course there are new and interesting developments and I will get them on here ASAP.

For now just wanted to mention that the ‘Orgasmic Birth’ is another awesome film that every expectant couple should see.  Hopefully once I get my ‘Business of Being Born’ DVD back I can start hosting more screenings again. then Orgasmic Birth as well later.

Cindy Urbanc’s midwifery class started and I’m soooo bummed I wasn’t able to make it…it sounds absolutely awesome.  Will def be signed up for the next session!  For those that haven’t visited yet, her new store locale is awesome as well and offers some wonderful food items too!  It’s in the Manoa Marketplace where the old Wedding Cafe used to be, def check it out!

The baby expo is coming up next weekend…not sure if I’m fully ready for it yet but I know it’ll be a blast as always!  Please come by and visit our booth #442

Hope you all are doing well=)


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