Cutting the cord

Well, finished up the ‘Birthing Without Violence’ it was actually a very short book but with very clear messages about the way we bring our babies into the world.

One of the points was cutting the cord

More often than not the cord is cut a bit too early, when allowing baby to maintain getting the oxygen from the placenta until the baby has adjusted to breathing the air outside the womb, makes sense to me.

Just the whole thought of being mindful of the environment that our children are brought into from the start.  Of course is starts from before conception but then at birth to have a peaceful, quiet setting for baby to enter the world seems like a logical scenario to want.

The new book is, “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way”, all the books I’m reading now are very old and pretty out dated though most of the information is still relevant.

One thought on “Cutting the cord

  1. How do you find the books you decide to read???? I ask because there are so many out there….

    I never heard of the cord being cut to early. I am so glad you share this information with us because it then prompts people like me to ask my own questions…

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