Learning about Midwifery

I’m so excited about an opportunity that has come up to learn about Midwifery from some midwives here.

It will be a course outlining Midwifery, steps to take to becoming one etc etc

So looking forward to this

Another event I’d love to go to is the

Midwifery Today Conference
“Nurturing a Better Future through Birth”

Eugene, Oregon
March 11–12, 2009 Pre-Conference
March 13–15, 2009 Conference


Ina May Gaskin will be there and my personal fave Dr. Michel Odent…if I could meet and hear these two speak at this conference it would make my year!

If anyone reading wants to join me, lemme know!  It’ll be cheaper to share a room etc…I’m not kidding! LOL

Sorry, C!  I put that last part in on accident…lol!  Here’s the link to the conference info:


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