The Heart of Breastfeeding

I never really realized just how backwards things are in America until I started reading about different things that happen with maternity and postnatal care.

Breastfeeding is THE way to feed a human being, it changes in compostition to suit the baby’s needs days, weeks, months, years.  It protects from diseases and carries live antibodies to keep baby healthy.

Formula does none of that. 

Yet, we actually have to overcome not only learning how to breastfeed w/ our baby but dodge ads, free samples, falsehoods and undermining others in order to do so

The World Health Organization actually mandated that all countries not allow formula companies to directly market formula to mother’s/parents/customers…yet you get a nice little baby bag with formula samples and coupons from your OB/Pediatrician or from the hospital…the most disguisting thing about this is that the formula companies have contracts with hospitals to be ‘their choice’ formula.  The company gives cash, money for equipment, free formula etc to entice the hospitals as well.

Here we are told that giving a baby formula is second best to breastfeeding, yet the WHO says that the next best thing to breastfeeding is the pumped milk from the mother, followed by human milk from a breastmilk bank.

If your desire is to nurse your child then please do research of the people who will be caring for you

What is the rate of breastfeeding success with your OB, hospital, pediatrician?

Do they hand out ‘going home bags’ or other articles that include formula products/coupons?

Do they have calendars, posters etc that are stamped from a formula company?

We women need to stand together and help each other to overcome these crazy obstacles that keep us from doing what is most natural and right by our babies.


One thought on “The Heart of Breastfeeding

  1. im not sure what the success rate of breastfeeding is at the hospital i went to but even without a lactation consultant, the nurses there were strong advocates for breastfeeding and never once mentioned formula or supplementing. infact, after dd was born, they immediately asked if i was ready to breastfeed her…i didnt even need to tell them “no supplements.” they continually encouraged only offerring the breast which was nice for a change! things here ARE backwards. im a firm believer in breastmilk however you can get it to your baby…i think people just need to be better informed so they can feel confident in the choices they make.

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