Maternity leave

Someone on a board I frequent:

Brought up a very important issue, maternity leave

The U.S. has one of the worst maternity leave policies in the developed world

I can just see how this was a bragging right at some point that, “oh yeah, our women workers don’t need to stay home to take care of their babies, they’re right back out to work a few weeks after giving birth *smug laughter*”

Unfortunately for our society and especially for our babies and mother’s, aside from trauma in birth seperating from your infant before you are ready too just isn’t right.

That maternal feeling mother’s have to stay with their baby has to be shut off in order to return to work.  Of course there are mother’s who can do both but I think for the most part, the baby and mother lose out on important bonding time.

I hope that what I say here or anywhere for that matter doesn’t get women defensive about their decisions.  Because of course we have to do what we have to do to survive and take care of our family.

What we should do with any feelings of hurt, discuss, competitiveness, defensiveness is turn it into demanding change.

We as women need to demand what we know in our souls to be right, to be done.

Six weeks is not long enough for a mother and baby to form a solid bond, nursing relationship etc

Until we stop trying to beat each other down, we can never lift each other up.

2 thoughts on “Maternity leave

  1. Personally, I count my lucky stars I can stay home with my keiki. I tried working weeks after having #1 but I was sad and my breast were engorged. Luckily, I was able to take my daughter with me to work but then after a year of that we decided full-time at home was best for our family.

    I understand that mothers and fathers must do what they must to survive. My apartment is small and I complain but it’s worth being able to nurture my children. I wish I could work from home because I love seeing my kids all the time.

    I do hope laws will change. Come on lawmakers, cooperate executives, who ever… you have moms too….at least I think so. Make a change!

  2. I agree. When pregnant and until a few months ago I was pretty active on the site. A lot of moms there are from other countries, like Canada and Australia. They talked a lot about their wonderful maternity leave. The US SUCKS. I knew before going on maternity that I would be taking longer. No way was I going back to work just 6 weeks after. Then I ended up taking a year off, which was a blessing. I wish I could stay home longer. I’ve been blessed to be able to stay home this long, even though I know it stresses out my husband. And especially in this economy where things are so uncertain at the moment. I’m hoping a miracle will happen and I find a great stay at home business. LOL. But unless that happens or we win the megabucks at Vegas, it’s back to work. Sometimes I think I’d rather stay in this apt than go back to work. It’s not too small, but then we’re limited to 1 baby…

    Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a long comment, but I wanted to comment a little on your other posts. I’m too lazy to go and post it separate. LOL.

    Let me know if you become a doula or anything. I’d totally trust you with my baby! 😉 Before and during my pregnancy I was certain I’d want the epidural and everything. And I don’t regret doing it the way I did, but after my experience I’d love to try it naturally the second time. The first wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be… The epidural was a nice respite of all the pain I was feeling from horrible contractions that lasted a couple of weeks… But had my contractions not been so bad I may have braved it out the first time. But I will definitely educate myself more the second time around. And I agree that women should prepare their bodies BEFORE getting pregnant.. I actually heard women should be taking prenatals as soon as the’re physically able to conceive… And its understandable considering that there are so many unplanned pregnancies out there. I started taking prenatals and quit drinking prior to trying to conceive. And I’m glad I did b/c I didn’t have to worry about whether my body was getting enough nutrients or if I had a drink while pregnant, without knowing I was pregnant…

    Anyway, sorry this is long. But I really admire what you’re doing! 🙂

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