Natural Birth in a hospital-a birth team

Thank you Barbara for your insight

A way of having a natural birth experience in the hospital and to ease into the life of having a newborn is to have a birth team, a team of as many that you feel comfortable having with whom will advocate for you during your time in the hospital.

Having a few doulas, your mom (if relationship is solid), cousin, friends anyone that can advocate for you while you are concentrating on having your baby.  Who will also be there for you throughout pregnancy, labor and post partum to help you at home.

I find it so sad that in our society now, the thought of having the family help each other is few and far between.  Or the thought of having to ask others for help during this important period in our lives isn’t more prevalent.

I feel like the desire to have a home, car or other material things has come before our desire to truly be there for our children, family or friends.  We should be there more for each other, for our children, be an actual ‘community’ rather than just a bunch of people in an area just tryin to keep up with the Jones’.


One thought on “Natural Birth in a hospital-a birth team

  1. I just taught a Sunday school lesson on “I Love My Whole Family.” I told the children that Hawai’i is unique in the sense that we also consider friends as family and we malama them the same.

    I did not realize that a doula can be anyone that we know that also know our birthing wishes… or at least that’s what I just thought I read.

    ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ is spot on. Society has shifted greatly.

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