Techniques to use during childbirth

I think the majority of women, especially here in Hawai`i want a ‘natural childbirth’

The problem is the lines are being blurred as to what that is exactly, esp in a hospital setting

There are several techniques to use during childbirth, one of them being Lamaze, which is probably the most well known.  Also the Bradley Method, hypnobirthing, using a water tub and using a doula.

Using these methods during childbirth especially in the hospital would help to lessen your need for medical intervention.  The only way to have a significant chance of assuring an unmedicated birth is to have a homebirth. 


Here are some descriptions:


Bradley method:


Massage therapy:


Using a water tub:


One thought on “Techniques to use during childbirth

  1. I appreciate the links posted. I am a little clueless and so having the links help me to explore and understand what I am reading….

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