Childbirth Education

One of the main contributing factors I give credit for in helping me cope during labor was the words of my childbirth educator Pat Goding.

I had no idea what to expect from the class and my then boyfriend didn’t even want to go.

From the handouts I was given to the video and tips on breathing and visualization I got through both of my births naturally (not without having to fight not to get an epi)

I’m sure everyone won’t get the same thing out of the classes but hopefully with the right teacher you will come out with something.  A better appreciation for what birth is, knowledge on why the pain is necessary for birth, the chemical reactions happening during labor etc.

Thankfully the Hawai`i Childbirth Educators Association/Doula Network of Hawai`i has a referral line.  Always interview your potential educators and if you feel you didn’t get the information you feel you need, then go someplace else.  HCEA has many wonderful educators and of course we all know who I recommend.

Hawai`i Childbirth Educators Association/Doula Network of Hawai`i- 623-3771       


One thought on “Childbirth Education

  1. My husband might get nervous if I start talking about how I want my next birth to be but I am seriously planning it already. I want to educate myself so I an make better decisions. I will be calling them one day.

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