“Immaculate Deception II”

By Suzanne Arms

I was lucky enough to have gone to a workshop here that she held and it was wonderful                       Here is a link to Birthing the Future which she helped create: http://www.birthingthefuture.com/btf_index.html                                                                                  and Suzanne Arms’ presents store site: http://www.suzannearms.com/OurStore/

I’ve been reading this book for the passed week and am finishing up with it now

I had a hard time putting it down!

It’s like, “The Business of Being Born” but with a bit more history detail and more about implications of not respecting birth the way it should be

This is definitely one to pick up or you can borrow it from me when I’m finished, just shoot me an email or post here.


One thought on ““Immaculate Deception II”

  1. No promises… but I think I might read this as soon as I can which may be longer then expected. I thought I had done my research when having my kids but now I don’t believe I did. So next baby I will do better.

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