Having a Doula, support for mom and dad

One aspect of the book that stands out in my mind right now (though most of the book was amazing and I need to go back and jot them down)

The need for a labor support person/doula, other than your partner/husband/baby daddy

Here is are excerpts from “Immaculate Deception II” by Suzanne Arms:

“If midwife is the first word pregnant women should be well acquainted with, doula is the second.  A Doula is a woman who provides continous support during labor and who may also help out in the first days home after the childbirth.  A doula helps a nurse by giving the pregnant woman or new mother the attention she so desperately needs.”

“Today, nurses find themselves unable to provide that attention because so much of their time is taken up charting, handling equipment, and participating in cesarean surgery, and because there is often inadequate staffing.”

“A doula stays with the woman at all times throughout the childbirthing process.  As an outsider, she can be more objective than a family member, and as a nonmedical professional, she is not forced to enforce hospital policy, as nurses often must do.  Most of all, a doula’s primary function is to ease the childbirth experience, enabling the woman in labor to give herself entirely to the process of childbirth.  Afterward the doula provides the mother and also the father and any other family members present with an umbrella of protection, guarding them against hospital procedures and regulations that so often block intimacy.”

“A doula is not a replacement for the baby’s father.  Instead, she frees him from feeling totally responsible for his partner’s well-being.  Childbirth classes in the past have focused on the father as a coach.  This may fit with the old cultural view of a man as a protector, but it doesn’t serve the real needs of most fathers.  A man needs the same emotional freedom during labor as the mother does; he is becoming a father.  If we want men to participate fully in the nurturing of their children, we must make room for their experiences.”

One thought on “Having a Doula, support for mom and dad

  1. I wish I had read this before watching the documentary. The excerpt is very easy to understand and very informative. I wish I had a doula while birthing my 2 girls. Thanks for the information.

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