Choosing a provider

I think it’s funny that some of us (myself included) don’t take the time to research/ask questions and find out who would be the best care provider for us.  Whether it be for routine care or for pre/post natal care and birth.

Luckily I had gotten a wonderful doctor for both my babies from the same office

Though if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve gone with a midwife

So today, there’s a type up of some questions that are on a hand-out from the HCEA/DNH on a new page

We should take into consideration that this is a time in our life that we are learning to be someone we’ve never been before and feel at our most vulnerable yet empowered time in our lives.  Finding someone to care for us who has the same beliefs and practices that coincide with what we believe is so very important


3 thoughts on “Choosing a provider

  1. This is a great site so far. You are so informed in so many areas (I am a fellow HawaiiMom, so I know you are always sharing some interesting facts and ideas with us there) and it is great that you are putting it together here so that others can reach out and find what they need.

    Good for you!

  2. Thank you Laura, I really appreciate that. I’m only learning as I go and sharing what I find out with anyone who will listen. It’s such an important aspect of life to me, that I think women are not empowered enough in right now.

    Please share this site with anyone and everyone you know would appreciate the information.


  3. So very true luvn. In fact, I have my annual check up coming up and since I wanted a certain day I told the receptionist to just give me anybody. It really doesn’t bother me who I see… maybe because I don’t like my current doctor much or I am letting “chaos of life” persuade my decisions. Whatever it is I am really started to understand that every decision counts and placing the right people in my life are important.

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